Elen Le Glanic // Art Director

I am a French Art Director, currently based in Sydney. I travelled for the first time from Paris to Sydney in 2009. After a year I decided to take my adventure further and made my way to Auckland. 

Before leaving motherland though, I successfully graduated from a graphic design school and learnt to master (if this can ever be possible) the art of directing at Piment DDB in Paris for 5 years. There, I built a strong portfolio for various global brands such as Sony, Nokia and Nivea to name just a few that also got me some awards.

My experiences in Australia and New Zealand taught me to look at different approches to advertise brands and a brand new set of cultural references. It also gave me the chance to discover that working with two languages make yourself twice more creative! 

Always looking for new challenges, and far from the concept of deja-vu, I may surprise you by striking creativity, out of the box thinking, along with a parisian 'je ne sais quoi' that makes each piece of work a masterpiece of elegance and beauty.